Heidi Shadow was born to a military family in Hawaii, and grew up in California. She has done a variety of things including working with a youth oriented non-profit organization. She married Aaron (also a WFL staff member) in 1994, with whom she has two grown children. She is a talented teacher-trainer, a hands-on worker, and a good problem solver. She has been with Water for Life in Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and the South Pacific. She and her husband, Aaron, are leaders of our Uganda water projects.


Aaron Shadow joined Water for Life in 2010 bringing twenty years of leadership experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. His work in administration and business has taken him to the USA, England and Africa, and he worked with Water for Life in Rwanda, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa and the South Pacific. He is married to Heidi, also a WFL staff member, and they have two grown children. He and his wife, Heidi, are leaders of our Uganda water projects.


Allan Robbins (DPHC, MPH) has spent nearly three decades in global health and tropical medicine. A founding member of Water For Life, he has led workshops on water and sanitation in 20 nations. He also serves as the Int’l. Assoc. Dean for the University of the Nations’ Global Health training. He and his wife Dee share a passion to help communities own and author their own process of development. They have three children and reside in Kona, Hawaii, USA.


Dr. Andrew West leads the Science and Technology Department at the University of the Nations Kona, Hawaii, USA. A marine biologist, he conducts his own research and oversees environmental and agricultural projects within the community. He has worked with Water for Life since its inception in 2003 and regularly leads seminars in water, aquaculture and permaculture. He has brought expertise to community development projects in South East Asia and the Pacific. Australian born, Andrew and his wife Jane and their two young boys currently reside in Kona, Hawaii, USA


Jeff Waddell is a founding member of Water for Life and has worked with the University of the Nations in Hawaii since 1999. Having taught science and technology for many years, Jeff is skilled at helping people understand how water technologies work, and gain the practical skills to build them. He has worked cross culturally on water projects in Kiribati, Brazil, Uganda, and Fiji. He and his wife Melissa have three beautiful daughters and currently reside in Kona, Hawaii, USA.



Daniel Hefley joined Water for Life in 2003 after working as a high school science teacher, and serving for several years on the staff of the University of the Nations in Norway. His science background coupled with experience gained in community development and appropriate water technology projects has equipped him to work in places like Indonesia, Brazil, Kiriibati, and Kosovo. Daniel and his wife Signy currently reside in Fort Collins Colorado, USA, and are the proud parents of three beautiful children.



Nick Greener is the Project Leader for Water for Life’s work in East Africa. With a background in project management and logistics, including a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, Nick has worked on development projects in the South Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. Nick, his wife Jennifer, and their two children are living presently in Kigali, Rwanda where they oversee a project to provide drinking water for local schools. Roughly 80,000 children in the Kigali area attend school each day without access to a safe water source.



Dr. Derek Chignell has been a part of Water for Life from the beginning. He chairs the Water for Life Trustee Board and works in the area of Research and Development. He has spent the last 25 years educating young men&women both as a Professor of Chemistry at Wheaton College and a leader of the Humanities and Science program at the University of the Nations. Derek has been using his experience in science education to find solutions to water problems in India, Kiribati, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Originally from Great Britain, Derek has four grown children and currently resides in Kona, Hawaii, USA