Solving the world's water needs takes partnership; come share in the work to see communities changed forever!

Well Rehabilitation, Septic Installation & Training

A unique blend of European, Islamic and Mediterranean cultures, the recently formed nation of Kosovo has rich human and natural resources. Sadly, most of the 2 million people still do not have access to safe water, wastewater treatment or refuse removal. This is particularly true in rural areas. We finished a project in the village of Tushile, where all of the 53 wells are now upgraded and providing good water for the families living there. In a second village, Kllodernice, a community of 1600 ethnic Albanians, we have finished upgrading more than 200 family wells. Now we have started on the third village.

The villagers contribute financially to the well upgrades and help with the work, while we provide practical help, materials, and finances until the project is finished. When they have reached their goals, every family will have safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and a small garden. Local officials oversee the stages of water development, including training the villagers so they can manage, maintain and repair their own water resources.

We do not just fix the problem and leave — we have formed relationships with each community which continues after the project is finished. Sanitation is a future issue to be confronted by the community, and we will be there helping. Our two project operators are Albanian Kosovars who are on the ground and relate directly with the people.

Project Report:
Project Costs: $ 200,000
Lives Improved: 800+
Time-Span May 2020 – Oct 2024