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Rain Harvesting Systems

In March of 2007, our attention was riveted by the sight of a child’s body laid out for viewing in a village meeting house. To the 2500 people on the beautiful, coral atoll of Tabuaeran, a child’s funeral was not uncommon. Although it is only one thousand miles due south of Hawaii, it is a world away from the fresh water taken for granted in the developed nations.

Learning that the grieving mother had used local well water to prepare the baby’s food strengthened our commitment to safe water for the island. Together with local residents, Water for Life staff built a total of nine rain harvesting systems to serve health clinics and primary schools. We ran a rain harvesting workshop and trained 18 people to provide their communities with ongoing access to safe drinking water.

Project Report:

  • Project Costs: $12,000
  • Lives Improved: 2,500+
  • Time-Span: Nov. 2005 – Mar.2008